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Vaginal dryness is a condition that affects women across all ages but is common to those approaching menopause and happens whenever the inner walls of the vagina do not have enough lubrication fluids leading to discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse. Pain during sex, bleeding, vaginal discharge that is mild, itchy and sore vagina are some of the signs that women suffering from this condition encounter. The following are the root causes of this problem.
Climacteric is the major root of this issue where females feel pain and suffers from low levels of vaginal fluid when this period approaches. This is caused by reduced estrogen level, which control the female body development, pregnancy behaviors and menstrual cycle. A way of curing this problem is through using hormone therapy, that adds to the amount of estrogen hormone in the body but this can result to cancerous infections as a side effect.
Cancer treatments is another determinant of this issue whereby chemotherapy causes hormonal changes through damaging the ovaries in a way they do not produce the required amount of progesterone and estrogen levels which results to thinner , fragile and elastic vaginal lining. Urogynecologist recommendation would have patients apply astroglide, surgilube or KY jelly as lubricating fluids, which are located at feminine hygiene and birth control sections of pharmacies.
The third root of vaginal dryness is low level of arousal before sex, which can be due to natural body problem or emotional and psychological pains. Early ejaculation and poor sexual performance of the partner may result to low libido hence vaginal dryness. This problem can be tackled through having the sex partners engage and connect emotionally more and practice things that help increase arousal before sex. Also, one should consider taking more vitamins for vaginal dryness such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B which are rich in Omega 3 which helps in increasing the vaginal fluid.
Stress can be solved through close communication with the partner or a therapist.
This condition leads to less moisturization of body organs that need to stay hydrated. A solution to this syndrome are drugs, but a doctor’s examination and prescription is required.
Finally, cigarette smoking can lead to this problem whereby it affects the flow of blood in the body tissues which include the vagina tissues. The problem can be avoided by quitting smoking but also using lubricants before natural recovery, which should be monitored by the doctor.

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